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Open Batten Courses For Spring 2023

Are you still looking for a spring class and are interested in trying out a Batten class? Read on to see what courses are still available for the spring semester!

Serving the Common Good

Co-hosted by the Batten School and UVA Career Center, this event introduced students to various careers in public service and steps to take to prepare for service at the local, state, federal, or international level. Read on to watch our alumni panel portion of the event!

Undergraduate Application Resources Fall 2023 Applications

Now that apps are open to the Accelerated MPP, Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy & Leadership, and Public Policy & Leadership Minor for entry into Batten in Fall 2023, we have compiled a number of different resources for you as you begin your application.

What Should I Take This Spring?

Are you interested in exploring a degree program at the Batten School and unsure what to do next? Read this post on spring course offerings at the Batten School for some suggested next steps!

Introducing Bridge to Batten

Are you an underrepresented student at UVA with a passion for public policy and public service? Interested in translating that passion and your strengths into tangible outcomes for the public good? Consider joining the inaugural cohort of Bridge to Batten!

Connect with the Admissions Team This Fall

As we prepare for the fall semester, there are a number of ways you can connect with members of the admissions team to learn more about the Batten School.

Meet the BA Class of 2024

Learn more about the Bachelor of Arts Class of 2024 and last year's admissions statistics.

Open Batten Courses for Fall 2022

Still looking for a course to take this fall? Look no further than this one-stop guide for classes open to prospective students!

End of Year Wrap Up

As we get ready to break for the summer, the Admissions team provides tips to help you prepare for next year’s application cycle.

What Should I Take This Fall?

With fall enrollment approaching, the Admissions team is sharing helpful tips to help you course plan in preparation for application to Batten. Read on to hear from Anne Carter Mulligan, Batten's Director of Undergraduate Admissions, on courses to take and open electives you can try.