Beloved Batten Undergraduate Professors, Part 1

At the Batten School, you’ll fall in love with the open-door policy of meeting with faculty and staff. Our faculty are best in class scholars and real-world practitioners, and you will learn the perfect blend of hard and soft skills alongside courses dedicated to teaching you the true depth of policy systems and issues. Below, you’ll hear from some of our BA students on who has been their favorite professor during their time at the school.

“Professor Brooke Lehmann because I have been working with her since the fall of my second year; from class to the clinic to interning with her and even creating a new batten course with her. She has always been so supportive and helpful in all aspects of life, from school to being so understanding with personal situations. She has helped me grow into the policy student I am today from all of her mentoring, and even paves the way for me for future opportunities- whether on the Hill or other internships. “

  • Harini, first-year BA student

“Professor Roorbach was one of my favorite professors because I could tell how passionate she was about the education system. Education policy was never something I would have considered myself to be interested in before taking her class but her enthusiasm and passion for the subject was contagious.”

  • Audrey, first-year BA student

“Brad Carson! Before I applied to Batten, Professor Carson was so helpful in talking to me about the school and about my public policy interests. I went to his office hours fairly often, and he always took the time to chat with me about his class, schoolwork, and Batten. I cannot recommend his class, Terrorism and Counterterrorism enough.”

  • Isabella, first-year BA student

“Professor Chou! Professor Chou was extremely engaging and innovative in how she taught complex topics like negotiation, and I always looked forward to her class. She was also always ready to talk about class content or topics beyond the class in office hours.”

  • Kate, first-year BA student

“Professor Eileen Chou - There was truly never a dull moment in class. I really appreciated how not only did we learn these leadership concepts in class, we put them into practice through simulations and class activities. She creates excitement in the classroom and the time just flies by!”

  • Jackie, second-year BA student