Favorite Batten Memory, Part 1

While this past year and a half has presented a number of challenges for individuals across the US and globe, there have also been a number of joyous moments students have experienced at the Batten School. As we reflect on the end of the spring semester, we asked some of our students what their favorite Batten memory has been:

“Batten Ball 2021 was cathartic since it felt like the first assembly of our cohort since the beginning of the pandemic. It was great to hang with everyone and to have a night that was purely joyous without any other pretext and to celebrate each other.”

  • Christian, MPP Class of 2021

“I love studying in Garrett Hall and meeting new classmates every day off of Zoom!”

  • Jena, former BA student and incoming Accelerated MPP student

“(Although a potentially unpopular opinion), my favorite Batten memory so far has been the 48-hour project! Although intimidating at first, I found the project to be a really effective culmination of all the skills developed through Batten so far and was an incredibly rewarding experience. However, I am looking forward to seeing what memories will be made as a post-pandemic Batten community!”

  • Farah, rising second-year MPP student

“While I have been in Batten exclusively during a pandemic, my favorite memory was getting to interview members of the Charlottesville community in Professor Brian Williams' Police-Community Relations class. I interviewed a member of the Charlottesville Police Civilian Review Board and 2 local police officers from Charlottesville and Albemarle County. For the first time, I got a first-hand look at what it would mean to apply the policies I was studying to Charlottesville, and I got to evaluate community needs and perspectives. That was an incredibly rewarding Batten experience for me.”

  • Kate, rising second-year BA student

“My favorite memory is probably getting on the big screen at JPJ when I went to cheer on classmates Jocelyn Willoughby and Tihana Stojsavljevic in their basketball game!”

  • Emily, MPP Class of 2021

“Every time Amanda brings Batten [the dog] to visit!!!”

  • Alyssa, rising second-year Accelerated MPP student