My Favorite Batten Undergraduate Class, Part 1

A Batten public policy degree is a multidimensional asset that allows you to turn your passion for serving the greater good into real and lasting change. We seek to cultivate ethical, enlightened policy leaders who exemplify excellence and lead with curiosity, humility, and purpose. We stand distinguished by teaching and fostering effective, value-based leadership. Our graduates aren’t just earning a degree in public policy — they’re making significant strides toward becoming the dynamic leaders the world demands. Hear from those individuals inside the classroom on which classes stand out as their favorites!


"The advocacy and lobbing clinic because it allowed me to take what I learned in the classroom about social policies and advocacy and apply it to real-world situations where I could actually have an impact!"

  • Harini, first-year BA student

"Lessons in Leadership: JFK with Professor Sabato has been my favorite Batten class so far. Professor Sabato is extremely knowledgeable about the Kennedy assassination, and taking this class enabled me to delve deeper into Kennedy by giving me the opportunity to do research on Professor Sabato's next book. I really enjoyed how the first half of the semester felt like one long, extended story with primary sources (guest speakers) coming in to tell us about their first hand experiences. More than just teaching us about the Kennedy assassination, this class also provided an overview into his lasting legacy on the presidency as a whole, giving students the chance to learn about presidential history, as well."

  • Audrey, first-year BA student

"So far, my favorite Batten class has been Intro to Civic Leadership with Professor Chou. Professor Chou taught us the psychological and logical nuances of effective leadership, which is one of the most widely applicable and interesting topics I have ever studied. The class was also extremely engaging because Professor Chou teaches by doing. There would be a lecture component, then we would split into groups and actually work through a problem that involved a concept from the lecture."

  • Kate, first-year BA student

"My favorite Batten class Introduction to Civic Leadership with Professor Eileen Chou. It's one of the required classes for both the BA and minor program, and before I took the class I heard so many good reviews and comments. The class did not disappoint! Although it is a 2 hour 30 minute class, the class flew by so fast because of the way Professor Chou engages with her class as well as the course content. You do not need to be a Batten student to take it, so I would highly recommend anyone to enroll in this class in the Fall!"

  • Jackie, second-year BA student