My Favorite Batten Undergraduate Class, Part 2

A Batten public policy degree is a multidimensional asset that allows you to turn your passion for serving the greater good into real and lasting change. We seek to cultivate ethical, enlightened policy leaders who exemplify excellence and lead with curiosity, humility, and purpose. We stand distinguished by teaching and fostering effective, value-based leadership. Our graduates aren’t just earning a degree in public policy — they’re making significant strides toward becoming the dynamic, engaged leaders the world demands. Hear from those individuals inside the classroom on which classes stand out as their favorites!


“My favorite course so far is Introduction to Social Policy & the Legislative Process because Professor Lehmann values learning and student engagement. I appreciated the weekly student presentations on class topics as well as the lessons focused on new policy areas. Over the course of the semester, we covered policy areas such as social security & welfare, veteran affairs, housing policy, drug policy, criminal justice reform, and education, which introduced me to the robust nature of social policy.”

  • Lauren, BA Class of 2022

“My favorite Batten class is Civic Leadership with Professor Chou. The class challenged me to think in new ways and helped me develop tools to be an effective leader.”

  • Mary Katherine, BA Class of 2022

“Lessons in Leadership: JFK and His Most Personal Office was a ‘sleeper hit,’ in my opinion. I enrolled in the class for fun, not expecting much, and was completely blown away. Professor Sabato made each lecture intriguing, invited guest speakers with interesting perspectives and insights, and managed to relate events that happened over 50 years ago to the present day. I never thought a class about a President could be so fun.”

  • Rasheed, BA Class of 2022

“I really enjoyed Global Humanitarian Crisis Response with Professor Gelsdorf! It was very interesting to learn about the intricacies that go into humanitarian aid and the role of the public and private sectors. Her experience in the field meant that she was able to give us a lot of inside information into how things work in the humanitarian world.”

  • Abby, BA Class of 2022

“My favorite Batten class is Comparative Policy because it discusses a wide range of policy topics happening in different countries and it’s fascinating to get this perspective to inform U.S. domestic policy.”

  • Cece, BA Class of 2021

“Hacking for Defense with Brad Carson. I gained so much invaluable hands-on work, and I feel much more knowledgeable on cybersecurity issues as I enter a career in intelligence.”

  • Maddie, BA Class of 2021