Open Batten Courses for Fall 2021, Part 1

Curious to know what it is like to learn from the top scholars and practitioners of policy? Want to sample a class before applying to the BA or minor but do not know what to take? We’ve included information below about some special topics and core courses being offered this fall! All courses listed will count toward major and minor requirements unless otherwise noted.

For those interested in trying a core Batten course:

LPPL 3210: Introduction to Civic Leadership: Drawing on social science research, this course explores how public leaders contribute to problem identification, issue framing, policy adoption, crisis management, and organizational and societal change. The course will clarify the relationships among key concepts including leadership and followership, authority and influence, reciprocity, and persuasion, and examine the role of contextual factors in shaping the strategies of 21st century leaders. A core course within the Batten BA and minor curriculum, it is a great way for students to gain an understanding of Civic Leadership and Batten. If you cannot get in at this moment, be sure to get on the course waitlist!

LPPP 3200: Introduction to Public Policy: This course will introduce students to both the process of public policy and the tools of policy analysis. The first part examines the actors, institutions, and procedures involved in the adoption, implementation, and evaluation of public policy. The second part introduces students to the basic concepts and tools of policy analysis including problem definition, specification of alternatives, and solution analysis. A core course within the Batten minor curriculum and a new program prerequisite for the BA program, this class is a great way for students to gain an understanding of Public Policy and Batten. If you cannot get in at this moment, be sure to get on the course waitlist!

For those interested in social policies:

LPPS 3050: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship: Social entrepreneurship is an approach to creating system-level change through the application of entrepreneurial thinking to social ventures, non-profit organizations, government institutions, and NGOs to create economic, environmental, and social value for multiple stakeholders. In this course you will be introduced to a range of entrepreneurial approaches aimed at solving social problems - from the non-profit to the for-profit. This is an elective course within the Batten BA and minor curriculum for students interested in social entrepreneurship. Additionally, it is a required course for the social entrepreneurship minor but it cannot be double counted between programs.

LPPS 3460: Introduction to Policy and the Legislative Process: Study how landmark social policies have shaped this nation, its laws, and its peoples. Students will analyze current policies that strive for equitability, protection, and prevention with respect to those whose access to justice and human privilege has been compromised. Learn about the legislative process and how to influence the course of this process and determine how to work within that context to achieve change in real-world social policy. This is an elective course in the Batten BA and minor curriculum.

LPPP 4725: NGOs in the Policy Arena: Since the 1960s, nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations have played an increasingly central role in the domestic public policy arena. This class explores their involvement in the interpretation and implementation of federal policy, the coordination of policy solutions, and advocacy for the policies and populations they serve. Policy areas we may consider include poverty and social welfare, the environment, and civil and political rights. This is an elective course in the Batten BA and minor curriculum, but since this course is at the 4000-level, we encourage first-years to give it another year or so before enrolling in the course.