Serving the Common Good: Careers in Public Service

Are you drawn to a career advocating for and empowering others, becoming an agent for change, or solving big societal and policy challenges? Check out clips from this panel co-hosted by the UVA Career Center and the Batten School, which introduces you to various careers in public service—from nonprofits and public interest groups, to research institutions and think tanks, to government and the private sector—and steps you can take now to begin to prepare for service at the local, state, federal, or international level. You can watch the full video here.


What public service careers do Batten graduates pursue? How does Batten prepare you to succeed in those jobs?

What areas can I pursue within public service and government, and how can the UVA Career Center help me navigate this field? 

Where are two Batten grads now? How have they used what they learned while at Batten in their professional lives?

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