Undergrad Admissions End of Year Wrap Up

It is hard to believe that we are in the final days of the 2021-2022 academic year! As we get ready to say goodbye to our amazing Class of 2022 BA and MPP graduates, we are also busy preparing to welcome future classes of students to Batten. Now that the summer break is upon us, the Admissions team is here to offer you their tips for what you can do now to prepare for next year’s application cycle.


First and foremost, make sure you are making progress on program prerequisites. If you are looking at our undergraduate major or minor, be sure to enroll in social psychology (PSYC 2600 or LPPL 2600 (previously LPPL 3100)), microeconomics (ECON 2010), and for those applying for the BA program, Introduction to Public Policy (LPPP 2200). Those interested in the Accelerated MPP must take microeconomics (ECON 2010) and a calculus-based math course. You must earn a C or higher (or have received CR during the pandemic) in each of the prerequisites before beginning the program in the fall, so courses may be taken during the semester you apply or even over the summer. However, keep in mind that your performance in prerequisite courses is an important data point in our evaluation, so if you haven’t completed the course by the time of application be sure to amplify other dimensions of your candidacy to fill the gap! For example, you could consider signing up for one of Batten’s electives with open seats to show your performance in our coursework if you are not able to enroll in LPPP 2200. Or, if you are interested in the Accelerated MPP and intend to fulfill any of the prereqs with transfer or test credit, consider signing up for a statistics course this fall to demonstrate your quantitative proficiency at the collegiate level!


Second, connect with the Career Center! There are a number of wonderful advisors over in the Career Center, including the Public Service and Government Career Center advisors, who are experts on the many paths UVA students take to enter policy careers. If you are still seeking a summer opportunity, they can help you find an in-person or virtual internship or job. They are also authorities on resumes, one of the main components of our application, and can review yours and give you helpful feedback.


Third, reflect on what motivates you and find new ways to get involved! As we continue to move in a positive direction with covid-19 public safety and health measures, we hope you can find even more opportunities to make an impact in Charlottesville and points beyond! The fall will be a great time to join a new committee in your student organization or start something new, so take some time this summer to reflect on how you can deepen the practice of your leadership skills and passions! Whether you opt to join one of UVA’s many CIO’s, volunteer through Madison House or another local organization, or participate in UVA’s intramural or club sports, you should seek out and find ways to get involved in those things that make you, you. We look for quality engagement, not quantity, so find ways to deepen your connections on Grounds and in your community.


Finally, begin to think about your letters of recommendation! If you already have someone in mind for your application, continue to foster that relationship. However, if you are still deciding on your recommenders, this fall, take initiative to get to know your professors and TAs – attend office hours, ask questions, and be an active classroom contributor. For the application, you’ll need at least one academic reference and one reference highlighting something else that makes you special. Get on the radar of those potential recommenders early so they can really get to know you and are in a position to provide a substantive, glowing recommendation in a timely fashion!


We hope you take some time this summer to celebrate the successes of this academic year and recharge and relax for 2022-2023! While we will not be hosting Open Office Hours or holding regular virtual appointment blocks over the summer, please be sure to reach out to BattenAdmissions@virginia.edu with any questions - we’re here to provide you with answers and chat with you further. We look forward to seeing you this fall with a full slate of Admissions activities, including information sessions, application workshops, and opportunities to meet with our Batten Ambassadors