Why Batten?, Part 1

Everyone has a different reason for seeking out a career in public policy, and each person has their own path to get to the Batten School! Below are just a few reasons some of our undergraduate and graduate students chose the Batten School:


“I chose Batten because I wanted to be in a major which would allow me to take classes I was interested in which would also allow me to develop my analytical and communication skills. Batten is a great intersection between history, politics, research, reading, and writing, which pretty much covers all of my interests. I wanted a major which would give me the concrete tools to be successful in the policy world, and Batten has done a great job of doing that.”

  • Audrey, first-year BA student


“I chose Batten because the school provides a myriad of hands-on learning opportunities for me to develop my policy analysis, research, and leadership skills!”

  • Paulina, first-year Accelerated MPP student


“To pave the way for law school! I was really interested in policy and wanted to learn how to become a successful advocate while learning about policy history and why we are where we are with government. Also, to learn how I can help solve these real-world policy issues.”

  • Harini, first-year BA student


“I chose Batten because of its overall drive to produce passionate, capable, competent leaders. This set it apart from other schools that were so focused on quantitative skills or prestige. Batten has those, too, but the leadership focus here is unmatched!”

  • Emily, second-year MPP student


“I was actually introduced to Batten by a now Batten alum through an organization that we were both a part of. I planning on majoring in Global Public Health, specifically healthcare, and wasn't sure if I should pursue an additional major. I reached out to the Batten alum and asked for his advice and he encouraged me to apply to the Batten School because I would be able to explore healthcare at the policy level and work towards solutions that have a lasting impact. With that being said, the rest was history and I am really glad to a part of the Batten community!”

  • Jackie, second-year BA student