Why Batten?, Part 2

Everyone has a different reason for seeking out a career in public policy, and each person has their own path to get to the Batten School! Below are just a few reasons some of our undergraduate and graduate students chose the Batten School:


“I chose Batten because of the community. I could tell it expanded beyond just the student life, and that everyone in administration and all the faculty and staff will do just about anything to help you succeed. This has definitely been reiterated time and time again during my two years here!”

  • Allie, second-year MPP student

“I chose Batten because it seemed like the best way for me to put my love of helping people into real world settings. I knew that Batten would give me the skill set needed to create lasting change in the policy world that helps a wide group of individuals.”

  • Abby, first-year BA student

“In my opinion, the best way to make widespread and long-lasting social change is through public policy. I chose the Batten School because it will equip me with the tools necessary to creating public policy that achieves positive social change both domestically and internationally.”

  • Alyssa, first-year Accelerated MPP student

“I chose Batten because all of the professors, staff, and students were so welcoming and accepting. Batten is a community of caring individuals who are all passionate about making a difference through policy work which I am also passionate about!”

  • Jena, first-year BA student

“I was originally attracted because of the 'leadership' component that I felt we are lacking at the federal level politically and it was something I wanted to lean into as I made my way to a life-time of public service. But it felt like home from the moment I came to Charlottesville and my positive experience with the application process, the Admissions Team, and the subsequent admitted students weekend really solidified my belief that I should go there.”

  • Morgan, second-year MPP student