Langdon Greenhalgh

Managing Director of Global Emergency Group

Langdon Greenhalgh is the Managing Director of Global Emergency Group, a humanitarian consulting firm dedicated to enabling emergency humanitarian aid actors to respond to those most in need more effectively so as to save more lives and reduce suffering. As a professional international disaster management expert, Langdon has led humanitarian operations and consulting teams throughout the world since 1999. As a professional international emergency response manager, Langdon has served as team leader for the Red Cross and other organizations in a wide range and number of emergency response and postemergency operations in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. Most recently, this includes operational management responsibilities for responses to Hurricane Harvey, Nepal Earthquake, Syria Humanitarian Crisis, Libyan crisis (Tunisia,) the on-going conflict in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Tsunami (Indonesia), West Africa Food Crisis (Niger) and the Darfur Refugee Crisis (Chad). His most recent humanitarian consulting work includes the development of a new data analytics project for USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, leading a global mapping of humanitarian innovation and research for Elrha and the creation of the North American Humanitarian Response Summit with the American Red Cross. Previous to his work as a humanitarian consultant, Langdon served as a manager for the
International Disaster Response Unit of the American Red Cross and was responsible for ensuring the delivery of high-impact emergency response services globally. Prior to joining the American Red Cross, Langdon was Executive Director of Horizon Institute for Policy Solutions, a Virginia based think-tank. Langdon completed his undergraduate work in Government and Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia and received his Masters Degree in Public Policy at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School. Langdon currently volunteers as the President of the Board of Directors for Global Emergency Relief, Recovery & Reconstruction (GER). GER is a non-profit organization he founded in 2016. In addition, Langdon serves on the Byrd Newspapers Board of Directors.