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Meet the SE Fellows

The SE Fellows are student representatives working to promote the pan-university social entrepreneurship minor. They host office hours every week where you could seek start-up advising, schedule planning help, or study abroad information. Read on to meet our SE Fellows and ready why they chose the SE minor!

Previewing the Batten Showcase

This fall, we are excited to offer a one-credit CR/NC seminar designed to introduce you to public policy and leadership issues and concepts in a fun, engaging way. Read on to see the extensive list of speakers and topics covered in this once-a-week course!

Open Batten Courses for Fall 2022

Still looking for a course to take this fall? Look no further than this one-stop guide for classes open to prospective students!

What Should I Take This Fall?

With fall enrollment approaching, the Admissions team is sharing helpful tips to help you course plan in preparation for application to Batten. Read on to hear from Anne Carter Mulligan, Batten's Director of Undergraduate Admissions, on courses to take and open electives you can try. 

Explore Global Policy at Batten

With UVA’s Global Week about to get underway, we thought we would highlight the ways in which students interested in global policy can get involved at Batten.

What Should I Take This Spring?

Are you interested in exploring a degree program at the Batten School and unsure what to take next? Read this post on J-term and Spring course offerings at the Batten School for some suggested next steps!

Transitioning to the Batten Classroom

Continue following first year post-graduate MPP candidate Ellie Murphy as she finishes her first month of coursework at Batten. Read on to learn more about her transition to graduate coursework, her daily schedule, and her favorite study spots!

Explore National Security Policy at Batten

With UVA’s Intelligence and Security Careers Week about to get underway, we thought we would highlight the ways in which students interested in national security can get involved at Batten.

Professor lecturing class with text overlay "Updates on Batten's BA Curriculum"

In this must-watch video for current first- and second-year UVA students considering Batten’s undergraduate major program, Director of Undergraduate Admissions Anne Carter Mulligan shares some exciting changes for the BA curriculum starting in Fall 2022!

Blue ring background with text "My Favorite Undergraduate Batten Class"

Considering taking a Batten course before applying? Hear from some of our current students on which classes stand out as their favorites!