Children’s Mental Health: How a Pandemic Has Created a New Epidemic

Brooke Lehmann
Batten School lecturer Brooke Lehmann.

The need for mental health care for children and adolescents has never been higher. Even before COVID-19, the number of children and youth experiencing acute anxiety and depression was rising. The current pandemic has further exacerbated these circumstances, leading our country into yet another epidemic—but one that is, unfortunately, lesser-known. On UVA’s Lifetime Learning podcast, Brooke Lehmann, a lecturer at the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, explores the state of children’s mental health, both pre- and post-pandemic. She offers insight into what may be driving our children to experience such a heightened need for interventions, and thoughts as to how parents and caregivers can help support children and youth through this crisis.

Garrett Hall at Sunset

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