Kathryn Babineau
Feb 12, 2020

Alum in Action: Kathryn Babineau

Batten alum Kathryn Babineau (MPP ’13) is a Ph.D. student in the University of Virginia's sociology department, where she studies globalization, labor rights, and public and private regulation. Previously, she worked as a human rights investigator for the Fair Food Standards Council and as a research coordinator at National Defense University.

Kathryn Babbin
Sep 12, 2019

Alum Spotlight: Kathryn Babbin

For Kathryn Babbin (MPP ’19), the Batten community cannot be underestimated. Babbin who graduated last May with a master’s of public policy was drawn to the Batten School for a variety of reasons, mainly because it offered what seemed like a tight-knit community of students, faculty, and staff, where she felt she could make a real impact.

Eric Ramputh
Aug 22, 2019

Alum Spotlight: Eric Ramputh

Eric Ramputh (BA ’19) applied to the Batten School on a whim. Ramputh, who transferred to UVA and into the Batten School in 2017, recalls how he discovered the school and why it ultimately was the right fit for him.

Dec 19, 2018

Alum Spotlight: Vasiliy (Wes) Malychev (MPP '14)

Policy is everywhere. Lead from anywhere.

When I first read this slogan, I didn’t think much of it. Catchy, sure, but what does that even mean? At the time, I was a third-year at UVA, and I had yet to walk through the doors of Garrett Hall and meet some of the most inspiring and ambitious people that I know to this day.

I applied to Batten for two reasons: One, I was passionate about social causes. Policy seemed like a practical way to make an impact. Two, if I’m being completely honest, I had no idea what I wanted to do after UVA and an extra year seemed like a good way to buy some time.

Baylee Eby
Nov 14, 2018

Alumni Spotlight: Baylee Eby

Last April, Baylee Eby (MPP '15) launched Dreamer & Co, a social impact company whose mission is to provide job skills and a steady income to young women in the Horn of Africa. The idea for Dreamer & Co began when I was in my last semester at Batten in 2015. Eby had traveled to the Horn of Africa to study water provision for refugees for my Applied Policy Project (APP).

Oct 18, 2018

Alum in Action: Michael Russell (BA '16)

Michael Russell recently joined the Global Partnerships Department for the National Basketball Association (NBA), where he is responsible for generating revenue through sales of marketing/media platforms and finding creative ways to integrate partners within the NBA’s business. Previous to joining Global Partnerships full-time, he spent two years in the NBA’s Associate program, a rotational program across different departments within the company. He graduated as a member of Batten's 2016 undergraduate class and is proud to call UVA a home away from home.