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Op-Ed Remember Charlottesville

In an opinion for The Virginian-Pilot, Dean Ian Solomon encourages everyone to choose hope over despair when remembering the events in Charlottesville five years ago. He shares four distinct lessons to be learned that can help propel democracy forward.

Democracy and Political Science Research

Enrolling young people to participate as Teach For America (TFA) teachers has a large positive effect on rates of voter turnout among those young people who participate. This effect is considerably larger than many previous efforts to increase youth voter turnout. After their 2 years of service, these young adults vote at a rate 5.7 to 8.6 percentage points higher than that of similar nonparticipant counterparts. These results suggest that civilian national service programs targeted at young people show great promise in narrowing the enduring participation gap between younger and older citizens in the United States.

PNAS map

A team of Batten and psychology researchers are bringing an empirical perspective to a national conversation.

The UVA Rotunda

UVA plans to invest $100 million in the study, teaching and promotion of democracy made possible with a $50 million gift from Martha and Bruce Karsh to establish the Karsh Institute of Democracy. The Institute will bring together and augment the work of entities already dedicated to the study of democracy at UVA, including the Batten School.


America cannot go to war unless Congress authorizes it, but Congress has rarely taken a vote to start and end a war. On Julie Rose's "Top of Mind," Batten professor Gerry Warburg explores why Congress leaves it to presidents to expand America's global conflicts. 


Amidst multiple crises, American lawmakers have valuable opportunities for crucial reforms. In an article for The Hill, Batten's Gerry Warburg discusses how Congress can chart a more sustainable path forward. 

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President Biden issued ten executive orders to fight COVID-19 on his first day in office, but his health care platform extends far beyond coronavirus. In an article for The Conversation, Batten’s Michael Williams explores the sweeping health care reforms proposed by the Biden administration and the significant impact they could have on Americans.


Batten professor Gerry Warburg spoke with two dozen legislators about why they keep avoiding tough votes on matters of war and peace.

Professor Warburg advises one of his students outside Garrett Hall. (Photo by Sanjay Suchak, University Communications)

The first month of 2021 is nearly over, but that doesn’t mean your chance to make the new year a great one has ended. Among tips from other professors, Batten's Warburg says, "We can do the hard work. Our nation is strong and the vast majority of our citizens are determined to work together for the common good."


In recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, Jan. 18, please join Dean Ian Solomon, Associate Professor of Public Policy Paul Martin, and Social Equity Advisor Marrissa Jones for a virtual MLK community reading and dialogue.