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Jen Lawless Politics Class

Mary Kate Cary and Jennifer Lawless taught a class from both sides of the political spectrum with success.

Ukranaian Parliament

Batten School Professor and Co-Director of the Center for Effective Lawmaking, Craig Volden, met with a delegation from the Ukrainian Parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, in early September to discuss lawmaking effectiveness.

Voter Turnout

Young Americans say they are interested in politics, but few of them vote. Writing for The Conversation, Batten School professor John Holbein offers some ideas on how to encourage them. 

Photo of Capitol

Substantial evidence exists that members of the US Congress vary in their lawmaking effectiveness. Less known, however, is whether constituents are sufficiently informed and inclined to hold their representatives accountable, based on their effectiveness.

Stennis Fellow Event UVA 2022

Join twenty senior congressional staffers for a reception. The Batten School and the Center for Effective Lawmaking are honored to host this event welcoming the 117th Stennis Fellows Program to the University of Virginia.

US Capitol

Craig Volden, professor at the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy and Co-Director of the Center for Effective Lawmaking, writes in The Conversation that there are ways to get things done under the U.S. Capitol dome.

Op-Ed Remember Charlottesville

In an opinion for The Virginian-Pilot, Dean Ian Solomon encourages everyone to choose hope over despair when remembering the events in Charlottesville five years ago. He shares four distinct lessons to be learned that can help propel democracy forward.

Democracy and Political Science Research

Enrolling young people to participate as Teach For America (TFA) teachers has a large positive effect on rates of voter turnout among those young people who participate. This effect is considerably larger than many previous efforts to increase youth voter turnout. After their 2 years of service, these young adults vote at a rate 5.7 to 8.6 percentage points higher than that of similar nonparticipant counterparts. These results suggest that civilian national service programs targeted at young people show great promise in narrowing the enduring participation gap between younger and older citizens in the United States.

PNAS map

A team of Batten and psychology researchers are bringing an empirical perspective to a national conversation.

The UVA Rotunda

UVA plans to invest $100 million in the study, teaching and promotion of democracy made possible with a $50 million gift from Martha and Bruce Karsh to establish the Karsh Institute of Democracy. The Institute will bring together and augment the work of entities already dedicated to the study of democracy at UVA, including the Batten School.