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Childcare during refugee crisis

Providing childcare in humanitarian emergencies is a win-win strategy for women and children. It’s time to make it a reality for more families.

Batten Professor Daphna Bassok

Working in partnership with policymakers, Professor Daphna Bassok aims to provide long-term solutions to real-world problems for America's youngest learners.

Brian N. Williams Batten School

Batten Professor Brian N. Williams and students from his PEGLLLLab are working with an award-winning documentary team to launch pilot programs in three different cities to address the growing mental health crisis. 

Medicaid Spill Up Effects Tello-Trillo

Batten professor Sebastian Tello-Trillo shares new research suggesting that health insurance coverage for kids through Medicaid and CHIP helps their moms.

Andrew Pennock Batten Finance Workshop

Batten Professor Andrew Pennock believes personal finance is a life skill, using intentional choices to reflect a person’s values. 

gender differences in law school participation

A new paper by Batten School professor Sophie Trawalter finds gender dynamics in classes are not fixed.

Virginia State Capitol

Batten professor Ray Scheppach shares his knowledge on the Virginia state budgeting process as a guest on the WTJU podcast Bold Dominion.

Guatemalan immigration

David Leblang, Director of the Batten School’s Global Policy Center, along with co-authors, assesses the root causes of migration from Guatemala.

Graffiti depicting Russian President Vladimir Putin and the words “Glory to Ukraine” are painted on the blinds of a battle-damaged shop in Stoyanka, Ukraine, on Sunday. (Vadim Ghirda/AP)

Todd S. Sechser, professor of politics and public policy at the Batten School, writes in The Washington Post that small countries can inflict serious damage on invading superpowers.

An elderly woman walks past a damaged Russian tank in the town of Trostianets in the Sumy region of Ukraine on March 30. (Roman Pilipey/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock)

Batten School Professor Allan Stam writes in The Washington Post that dictators tend to start risky wars, but democracies win more wars than autocracies.