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Millions of Americans are suffering from chronic pain linked to troubled childhoods, loneliness, and a host of other pressures on working families. Economic insecurity is also associated with more pain, according to a study by Batten Professor Eileen Chou cited in a New York Times series exploring the interrelated crisis impacting working-class America.

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Batten School professor Gabe Adams spoke with American Talk about the benefits of adopting a subtraction mindset and how to get it done.  

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Batten School professor Ben Castleman spoke with USA Today about the benefits of virtual peer-to-peer advising for first-generation college students.

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Speaking with UVA Today, Batten School professor Jim Detert shared why "calibrated contributing" may be a better term than "quiet quitting".

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There’s a lot of thought that goes into adding things to our routines, our closets, our lives. But how much thought goes into subtracting things? Not enough, according to three University of Virginia professors.

Among the freshman members who attended elite colleges, five hold degrees from Harvard University. (Image Janniswerner/IStock Editorial via Getty Images)

How often are the educational backgrounds of Congressional legislators and candidates vetted, and how much do degrees matter? Craig Volden, Batten School professor and co-director of the Center for Effective Lawmaking, talked with USA Today about Congress members’ educational backgrounds and how a degree correlates to effectiveness as a legislator.

Batten School Professor Sarah Turner, Batten student Eileen Powell and UVA economics doctoral candidate Diego Briones researched who benefits the most from the pause on student loan payments in a piece for Education Next. 

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General Saltzman, the chief of space operations for the Space Force, addressed students at the invitation of the National Security Policy Center at UVA’s Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy.

Nancy Pelosi in Congress

Batten School professor Gerald Warburg, in a piece written for The Conversation, states that Nancy Pelosi's stepping aside will leave the door open for others.

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According to adjunct lecturer Kristen Roorbach, there are things that can be done to help the processing of traumatic incidents, even if there isn’t an easy way to move past the grief.