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Jim Gilmore

Jim Gilmore was the featured speaker at Batten Hour on September 11, the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. when he was Virginia's governor, and reflected on America’s readiness for potential future attacks, the war in Ukraine and the ongoing threat of authoritarianism globally.

General Saltzman

General Saltzman, the chief of space operations for the Space Force, addressed students at the invitation of the National Security Policy Center at UVA’s Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy.

Russia Todd Sescher

Russia’s president is threatening to use “all the powers and means at our disposal” in its fight against Ukraine. Nuclear weapons expert and Batten School professor Todd Sechser weighs in on the possibilities.

Maggie Sparling

Maggie Sparling spent part of her spring in Fiji, working on national security and having experts listen to her insights. Sparling, who graduated this spring with majors in history and economics, is in the public policy master’s program at Batten.

Nakasone is a four-star general in the United States Army who serves as the commander of United States Cyber Command and concurrently as director of the National Security Agency and chief of the Central Security Service.

General Nakasone will deliver the commencement address during the school’s first in-person Academic Regalia Ceremony since 2019, set to take place at James Monroe’s Highland on Saturday, May 21, at 5:30 p.m.

Batten's Potter and Stam

Batten School professors Philip Potter and Allan Stam note that the conflict in Ukraine has bolstered the NATO alliance, which may give China pause if it’s thinking of moving on Taiwan. 

National Security Policy

We find that when groups share an ideology, and especially a religion, they are more likely to sustain material cooperation in the face of state repression.

Threat Perception & International Cooperation

The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Foundation and the National Security Policy Center host a series of discussions with national security experts as the US looks towards a new era of maintaining national security in light of new challenges and emerging threats.

War on the Rocks

In a new article for the online national security magazine War on the Rocks, Batten's Philip Potter, George W. Foresman and University of Pennsylvania's Michael Horowitz write that, given the rapid change of pace and recent developments in space, technical and operational standards and norms of behavior will be necessary to maintain a secure and sustainable domain.

Kevin Heaney (MPP ’22) and Sydney Pulliam (BA ’22)

Thanks to two University of Virginia alumni, Batten students with an interest in national security have a new pathway to success through the Duke-Richards National Security Fellowship. Batten students Kevin Heaney (MPP ’22) and Sydney Pulliam (BA ’22) are the first recipients of the fellowship.