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quiet quitting Detert

Speaking with Investor's Business Daily, Batten School professor Jim Detert offers tips for identifying “quiet quitters” who are no longer as engaged with their employer’s mission.

moms voting Jen Lawless on NPR

Moms are a political force in voting but are underrepresented as candidates. In an interview with NPR, Batten School Professor Jennifer Lawless shares some ideas about that disparity.

Voter Turnout

Young Americans say they are interested in politics, but few of them vote. Writing for The Conversation, Batten School professor John Holbein offers some ideas on how to encourage them. 

students in classroom

Ben Castleman, associate professor of public policy and education at the Batten School, researches whether predictive analytics can be used to provide students and instructors with tailored recommendations about course and career pathways.

Russia Todd Sescher

Russia’s president is threatening to use “all the powers and means at our disposal” in its fight against Ukraine. Nuclear weapons expert and Batten School professor Todd Sechser weighs in on the possibilities.

Starbucks workers unionize

James Detert, Professor of Business Administration and faculty affiliate of the Batten School, explains "organizational silence" in an article for The Conversation. Workers stand up against inappropriate behavior roughly one-third of the time. There are four common fears that keep people from speaking up.

Nancy Pelosi The Hill

In an opinion piece for The Hill, Batten School professor Gerald Warburg takes a look at Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's legacy in light of a new book about the era of Pelosi’s first speakership, "Arc of Power."

US Capitol

Craig Volden, professor at the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy and Co-Director of the Center for Effective Lawmaking, writes in The Conversation that there are ways to get things done under the U.S. Capitol dome.

advice for UVA parents

UVA Today reached out to Batten School's Tim Davis, a clinical psychologist, to get tips for the parents of entering students. It’s time to loosen the reins and change how to interact with these young adults.

racial equity & gun rights

The American Psychological Assocation shares findings from post-doctoral scholar Gerald Higginbotham's research that racial resentment leads some to associate gun rights with white people.