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Why Fewer People are Enrolling in Community College

Batten School Professor Sarah Turner and co-author Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach found that high unemployment during COVID diverged from prior downturns and enrollment at community colleges dropped, with the drop larger among men.

Craig Volden, UVA Batten

Batten’s Craig Volden discusses his new book, "Why Bad Policies Spread (And Good Ones Don't)" with Ursula Hackett, Senior Lecturer in Politics at Royal Holloway, University of London. 

Women in Congress and the Ambition Gap

Batten School Professor Jennifer Lawless and co-author Richard L. Fox find that women today are just as unlikely as they were 20 years ago to express interest in running for office.

Bala Mulloth social entrepreneur co-founds Hava, Inc.

Gaurav Giri and Batten assistant professor of public policy Balashankar Mulloth co-founded Hava, Inc. to develop technology with the potential to dramatically improve the air filtration efficiency and breathability of face masks.

President Joe Biden on Air Force One

Batten School professor and Miller Center faculty senior fellow Allan Stam offers a critical assessment of President Biden's first year in office. It's hard to see the president as a successful leader, writes Stam.

Community College Enrollment Declines

Batten School professor Ben Castleman and colleagues explore programs enacted by states to increase enrollment in community colleges. Despite these efforts, numbers have been steadily declining for much of the 2010s. Is there a way to get adults back to community college?

Illustration by Ziniu Chen. (University Communications)

The next time you are accused of doing something you did not do, you may want to check your anger at the door. New research from Batten's Gabrielle Adams has found that such strong reactions lead others to assume the worst: that you did exactly what you have been accused of doing.

Holbein Email

New evidence from a team of researchers, including Batten professor John Holbein, suggests that everyday racial discrimination is far more widespread than previous studies have indicated.

Brooklyn Public Library

What keeps someone from activating their library card or returning a book? Brooklyn Public Library worked with behavioral science experts including Batten professor Benjamin Castleman and alum Katharine Meyer (MPP '16) to find out.

Student studying

According to new research from Batten's Benjamin Castleman and Texas A&M University's Andrew Barr, intensive college advising leads to large increases in the share of low-income high school seniors that earn their bachelor's degree.