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The Public Service Loan Forgiveness is, in 2022, still inviting applicants to transmit documents by fax and postal mail.

As the Biden administration debates loan forgiveness, some 3 million student borrowers—many of them teachers—are eligible for more than $100 billion in debt relief. But do they know? Batten School professor Sarah Turner breaks down a complicated topic for Education Next.

Dean Solomon NPR

Dean Ian H. Solomon was interviewed by NPR for a report on the rally by white supremacists protesting the removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee five years ago. The Dean shared that he, too, considers events in Charlottesville a warning.

Op-Ed Remember Charlottesville

In an opinion for The Virginian-Pilot, Dean Ian Solomon encourages everyone to choose hope over despair when remembering the events in Charlottesville five years ago. He shares four distinct lessons to be learned that can help propel democracy forward.

CEL The Hill

In an article for The Hill, Batten's Craig Volden and co-author Alan E. Wiseman write that Representatives and Senators who engage constituents through town halls can enhance their lawmaking effectiveness in Congress.

Bassett New Cooperation Teen Motherhood

Batten professor Lucy Bassett brought researchers from around the world together to tackle an issue that spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the UVA Humanitarian Collaborative, Bassett organized a workshop focused on how more support can be brought to adolescent mothers and young children.

Bassett World Bank

In a study for World Bank, Batten's Lucy Bassett and co-author share findings about teacher preparedness in Bangladesh's pre-primary education programs.

Chris Ruhm Batten School

Findings from the Batten School's Christopher Ruhm and colleagues at Harvard question the accuracy of the CDC’s Household Pulse survey on mental health.

Kirsten Gelsdorf

Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy professor Kirsten Gelsdorf spoke to UVA Lifetime Learning's podcast about the current state of worldwide humanitarian crises and organizations poised to address them.

Research on the gender gap and political candidates

A new report by Batten School Professor Jennifer Lawless highlights the gender gap in political ambition. The research declares that “politics remains a game for men.”