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Over 168 million people across 50 countries are estimated to need humanitarian assistance in 2020. Response to epidemics in complex humanitarian crises— such as the recent cholera epidemic in Yemen and the Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo— is a global health challenge of increasing scale. The thousands of Yemeni and Congolese who have died in these years-long epidemics demonstrate the difficulty of combatting even well-known pathogens in humanitarian settings. The novel severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) may represent a still greater threat to those in complex humanitarian crises, which lack the infrastructure, support, and health systems to mount a comprehensive response. 


In an op-ed for Scientific American, Batten's Lucy Bassett and co-author Hirokazu Yoshikawa outline immediate steps the Biden-Harris administration should take to begin addressing the trauma inflicted upon children through inhumane immigration policies.


In honor of Global Week at UVA, Batten professor and policy expert David Leblang and Anne Richard, who served as assistant secretary of state for population, migration, and refugees under President Obama, discussed the dramatic shift in our country's stance on people seeking asylum in the U.S.


This year, UVA's J-Term offerings feature interdisciplinary courses addressing some of today’s most urgent issues and team-taught by great professors across Grounds, including Batten's David Leblang.


Co-sponsored by UVA's Miller Center and Batten's Global Policy Center, join us as the 2020 Ambassador William C. Battle Symposium on American Diplomacy explores one of the defining issues of our day: immigration.


With election day less than a month away, we must not forget the ongoing immigration crisis. Join us on October 27th for a virtual event highlighting the inhumane policies in place at the US-Mexico border.

Michele Claiborn

Michele Claibourn, a political scientist and statistician, has 20 years of experience teaching, leading, and managing research and data science teams, most recently in building and leading the Research Data Services & Social, Natural, and Engineering Sciences team in the UVA Library, where she serves as Director.


It is estimated that only 2% of people around the world have access to mental health and psychosocial support, or MHPSS. The question is, will COVID-19 offer us a chance to change this? Batten’s Kirsten Gelsdorf and Lucy Bassett provide critical insights into the barriers to progress in MHPSS interventions, and identify opportunities to prioritize and invest in new programs going forward.

Brooke Ray

Prior to joining the Global Policy Center, Brooke Ray served as the Senior Manager of Food and Agriculture Programs for the International Rescue Committee in Charlottesville, Virginia.

pearl island meals

Local leaders like Batten's Brooke Ray say the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to a sharp increase in unemployment claims across the commonwealth and the country, is exacerbating existing problems like food insecurity, especially where systemic issues already existed.