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Coronavirus map

Over 168 million people across 50 countries are estimated to need humanitarian assistance in 2020. Response to epidemics in complex humanitarian crises— such as the recent cholera epidemic in Yemen and the Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo— is a global health challenge of increasing scale. The thousands of Yemeni and Congolese who have died in these years-long epidemics demonstrate the difficulty of combatting even well-known pathogens in humanitarian settings. The novel severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) may represent a still greater threat to those in complex humanitarian crises, which lack the infrastructure, support, and health systems to mount a comprehensive response. 

Humanitarian Book Club UVA

News and facts about humanitarian crises don't drive people to action, but a good fiction book might. Batten School professor Kirsten Gelsdorf and Humanitarian Collaborative practitioner fellow Adrienne Ghaly created a book club that might save the world.

David Leblang's research focuses on global migration, including refugee and migrant choice, as well as the link between migration and observed international investment, remittance flows, and the spread of democracy.

Controlling immigration has become a central political goal in advanced democracies. Politicians across the world have experimented with a range of policies such as foreign aid in the hopes that aid will spur development in migrant origin countries and decrease the demand for emigration. We argue that internal policy tools are more effective, in particular, the use of policies that allow temporary migrants short-term access to host country labor markets. 

Bassett New Cooperation Teen Motherhood

Batten professor Lucy Bassett brought researchers from around the world together to tackle an issue that spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the UVA Humanitarian Collaborative, Bassett organized a workshop focused on how more support can be brought to adolescent mothers and young children.

Bassett World Bank

In a study for World Bank, Batten's Lucy Bassett and co-author share findings about teacher preparedness in Bangladesh's pre-primary education programs.

Kirsten Gelsdorf

Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy professor Kirsten Gelsdorf spoke to UVA Lifetime Learning's podcast about the current state of worldwide humanitarian crises and organizations poised to address them.

Childcare for Ukrainian Refugees

Batten Professor Lucy Bassett and co-author write on the importance of childcare for refugees in a new op-ed for The New Humanitarian.

Childcare during refugee crisis

Providing childcare in humanitarian emergencies is a win-win strategy for women and children. It’s time to make it a reality for more families.

Guatemalan immigration

David Leblang, Director of the Batten School’s Global Policy Center, along with co-authors, assesses the root causes of migration from Guatemala.