Professor Sebastian Tello-Trillo, along with a team of researchers from UVA, have discovered that the South, the U.S. region with the most HIV infections each year, also has the greatest barriers to obtaining drugs that can prevent the disease for people who rely on Affordable Care Act insurance plans.


A team of faculty that includes Batten professor Bala Mulloth have been awarded $110,000 for their proposal titled “Technology Driven Entrepreneurial Solutions to Address Healthcare Worker Protection Needs.”


Batten Professor of Public Policy Jeanine Braithwaite and PhD candidate Kamwoo Lee discuss poverty and upper respiratory infections in Senegal for the Center for Global Health's Global COVIDiaries. 


When it comes to the healthcare you receive, the color of your skin can make a significant difference, social psychologist Sophie Trawalter told an online audience last week.


You may be wondering why, over the last few months, the state pension problem – normally not a subject of widespread discussion – has been in the news. The problem – and it’s a big one – is that many of the public employee pension plans run by states don’t have enough money in them to make upcoming pension payments to retired state workers.

Hannah Gavin

The novel coronavirus crisis disproportionately affects already vulnerable populations — and Virginia’s refugees are no exception. In today's Washington Post, Batten alum Hannah Gavin (MPP '20) urges Virginia lawmakers to continue looking out for its most vulnerable in these unprecedented times of isolation, uncertainty and negativity.