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moms voting Jen Lawless on NPR

Moms are a political force in voting but are underrepresented as candidates. In an interview with NPR, Batten School Professor Jennifer Lawless shares some ideas about that disparity.

midterm elections 2022

What do the 2022 midterm elections look like one week out? Join Batten School professor Jennifer Lawless and other panelists to explore the polls, ads, issues, money, and controversies of this year’s contests

Charlottesville at night

A roundtable of current and former leaders and activists of Charlottesville, reflecting on the run-up to and aftermath of the events of August 11 and 12, 2017.

Midterms 2022 Conversation

Panelists, including the Batten School's Jennifer Lawless, will discuss the issues that are front and center on voters' minds this November: inflation and the economy, SCOTUS and abortion rights, crime and law enforcement, and intersections of identity, race, education, and public health. 

CEL The Hill

In an article for The Hill, Batten's Craig Volden and co-author Alan E. Wiseman write that Representatives and Senators who engage constituents through town halls can enhance their lawmaking effectiveness in Congress.

Cooper Cramer UVA Today and Summer Internship

Cooper Cramer, a rising fourth-year and incoming student in Batten’s Accelerated Master of Public Policy program, spent 10 weeks this summer in an internship with Virginia’s Office of the Governor. Cramer served as a “transformation associate” in the Governor’s newly formed Office of Transformation, a position that he says has helped him focus more clearly on career options.

This paper documents the extent and nature of inequities in voter participation in the United States with a level of granularity and precision that previous research has not afforded.

Nora Neus

Nora Neus (MPP '16), a Batten alumna and Emmy-nominated producer and journalist at CNN, conducted a haunting interview with a student survivor of the Uvalde massacre that made its way into the national debate.

Research on the gender gap and political candidates

A new report by Batten School Professor Jennifer Lawless highlights the gender gap in political ambition. The research declares that “politics remains a game for men.”

Alyssa Candelmo

Batten School student Alyssa Candelmo said she aims to be a person who makes “positive decisions” for minorities and marginalized communities.