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Racial Justice and Equity


In an op-ed for Scientific American, Batten's Lucy Bassett and co-author Hirokazu Yoshikawa outline immediate steps the Biden-Harris administration should take to begin addressing the trauma inflicted upon children through inhumane immigration policies.


On UVA’s Lifetime Learning podcast, Batten professor Brian Williams argues that we should let diverse groups drive police reform.

Terrell Jana

After violent protests in Charlottesville three years ago, and this year's latest push for racial and social justice, Batten's Terrell Jana and fellow teammates and coaches knew they had to do something to fight for change.


This year, UVA's J-Term offerings feature interdisciplinary courses addressing some of today’s most urgent issues and team-taught by great professors across Grounds, including Batten's David Leblang.


Batten's Paul Martin teaches a course aimed at improving experiences for first-generation students at UVA, while also participating in a wide range of activities for the betterment of the Charlottesville community.


As part of Retold, a University-wide effort to celebrate the women of UVA, Batten students Alyssa Candelmo, Karishma Srikanth, Martha Gallagher, and Jocelyn Willougby are sharing their stories. 


A trip to the Memorial to Enslaved Laborers over the summer inspired Batten's Terrell Jana, the football team’s top receiver, to pay homage in an unexpected way.


When we think about the organizations making a positive change in the world, nonprofits usually come to mind. But in the latest installment of Expert Chats, Batten's Christine Mahoney argued that if we consider the private sector as well, we can address today’s global problems much more creatively.

U.S. school principals discriminate against Muslims and atheists, our study finds

According to a large‐scale correspondence study conducted by Batten's John Holbein and colleagues, anti-Muslim bias still operates widely nineteen years after the 9/11 attacks. 


Marlena Becker (BA ’21) shares how she helped redesign Batten Builds to start better addressing the needs of the Charlottesville community.