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A trip to the Memorial to Enslaved Laborers over the summer inspired Batten's Terrell Jana, the football team’s top receiver, to pay homage in an unexpected way.


When we think about the organizations making a positive change in the world, nonprofits usually come to mind. But in the latest installment of Expert Chats, Batten's Christine Mahoney argued that if we consider the private sector as well, we can address today’s global problems much more creatively.

U.S. school principals discriminate against Muslims and atheists, our study finds

According to a large‐scale correspondence study conducted by Batten's John Holbein and colleagues, anti-Muslim bias still operates widely nineteen years after the 9/11 attacks. 


Marlena Becker (BA ’21) shares how she helped redesign Batten Builds to start better addressing the needs of the Charlottesville community.


In 2017, a group of UVA deans and other members of the University community offered recommendations in the wake of the Unite the Right rally. Three years later, Risa Goluboff, dean of the law school, spoke with Dean Ian Solomon about what the group learned and how our nation has evolved.


Last week, on the third anniversary of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, three witnesses spoke on a panel moderated by Batten’s dean, Ian Solomon. Now famous around the world, the rally spanned two days and brought white supremacists and counter-protestors together in a violent clash that killed one demonstrator and injured many others.


The University of Virginia’s Racial Equity Task Force today released its report, titled “Audacious Future: Commitment Required,” outlining 12 key initiatives to improve racial equity at UVA.


Many institutions of higher education are looking to become more inclusive. But what’s the most effective way to do that—at the University of Virginia and elsewhere? Dana Laurens and Michael Dannenberg weigh in. 


“Congressman Lewis exemplifies citizen leadership,” said Allan Stam, former dean of the Batten School. “From his days as a student leader to his co-founding of SNCC to his long career as an elected official, he has selflessly served the public good."


The public session of the University’s Racial Equity Task Force featuring Dean Solomon occurred virtually Friday, over one month after a group of Black student activists and the Black Student Alliance sent separate list of demands to the task force.