Dual Degrees

The Batten School offers several Dual Degree programs with other professional schools at the University of Virginia. The dual degree programs allow students to complete the two programs in less time so that they can quickly put their new skills and knowledge into action.

With our Dual Degree programs, you can take full advantage of the fact that several of the nation’s top-ranked schools are located here at UVA. Located at the heart of UVA’s historic Grounds, the Batten School’s centralized locale and dynamic curriculum make it an ideal school at which to pursue a joint degree. Each of the dual degree programs includes the entire first year of the MPP curriculum and the first year curriculum of participating schools.

An overview


A collaboration with the University of Virginia School of Law, this program equips students to lead policy initiatives with a focus on law. With uncommon analytical skills and practical knowledge, the lawyer and Batten-trained policymaker will be ready to implement change at every level.


A collaboration with the Darden School of Business, this program prepares students to steer public-private partnerships and to be leaders who move between the worlds of business and government in the 21st century. 


A collaboration with the Curry School of Education, this program can be completed in as little as five years. Students graduate with a PhD in Education Policy, a Master of Public Policy and an unmatched skill set.


A collaboration with the School of Medicine, this program prepares graduates for exciting careers at the intersection of health and public policy.


A collaboration with the School of Architecture, this program prepares graduates for exciting careers in public policy and urban and environmental planning.