Batten 15th Anniversary
Batten 15th Anniversary
Dean Solomon 15 years

Ian H. Solomon
Dean, Batten School
Signed Ian Solomon


This year, we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. We were founded with the vision to develop a new generation of leaders capable of bringing about transformational change The ambition was to cultivate leaders who would set high ethical standards and challenging organizational goals, who would demonstrate an abiding commitment to American democratic valuesand reinvigorate the traditions of public service, civic engagement and effective governance.

Unique among public policy schools, our founding mandate emphasized leadership.  In addition to being very well trained in the analytical skills of problem solving, our graduates would be leaders to drive the policy innovation process, energize organizations, build inclusive coalitions and translate good ideas into action.

For the past fifteen years, we have been living this vision as we have grown in size, service and impact. Students come because they want to improve lives and serve others. Our faculty, who are brilliant educators, advance cutting-edge research to solve critical public policy challenges. Our community demonstrates curiosity, humility, purpose and action for the common good.

With unique events, stories of service and moments of reflection, I hope you will join me this year as we celebrate our successes and continue to shape the future.

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Batten 15th Anniversary News

Batten 15th Anniversary Profiles In Public Service

Abigail Spanberger
Oct 16, 2023

Living With a Public Service Mindset

Rep. Abigail Spanberger (VA-7) spoke to 150 students and community members about holding a mindset of public service -- engaging with community and country -- no matter what career path one chooses. 

Tom Monheim
Oct 11, 2023

Values are Foundational to Effective Leadership

From waging a war to writing a letter, or navigating any situation in between, leaders who stay true to their values and the nation’s values, and exhibit their integrity and humanity will be the ones who are successful, said Tom Monheim, Inspector General of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

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