Batten Programs FAQs

Are there any prerequisites for admission into the program?

For the Post-Graduate MPP Program there are not prerequisites. However we strongly encourage some coursework in microeconomics and a calculus-based math.

Is the program open to students from any undergraduate major?

Yes, undergraduate students majoring in any department may apply. We are willing to work with engineering students to permit participation since engineering students have much less flexibility in their course schedules than most Arts and Sciences students. Please schedule a meeting with an admissions representative if this is the case.

Is this program only for those who seek civil service careers with the federal government?

Definitely not. The program aims to prepare students for a wide variety of policy-oriented careers in the public, non-profit, and private sectors.

Is this program open to students with both domestic and international policy interests?

Yes, most definitely!

What are some examples of organizations that regularly hire MPP graduates?

Examples include Congressional committees, the EPA, the GAO, the CBO, the CRS, cabinet departments, the Federal Trade Commission, various state and local government agencies, the World Bank, and non-profits in many policy sectors, including environment, health, education, and international development. A more complete list is here.

Can I use my undergraduate thesis for my advanced policy analysis master's project?

No, the two theses must be separate products.

Does the school provide for ADA accommodations?

Yes, if you have a specific ADA related need or accommodation, please contact the Admissions Office. There are also resources available to students through the University of Virginia’s Elson Student Health Center.

What if I have additional questions?

Please contact our Admissions Team at, or call 434.924.3477.