Mentoring & Networking

Making Career Connections

Finding a mentor and networking are great ways to explore potential careers and your goals while also getting support and building contacts. We have multiple mentoring and networking opportunities for students and recent graduates.

The Batten Advisory Board Mentoring Program was developed in summer 2020 in response to the challenging hiring environment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The program connects soon-to-be graduates (fourth year BA students and second  year MPP students) with members of the Batten Advisory Board through a structured mentoring relationship.

Students can work with an Advisory Board mentor over the course of several months to:

  • Learn more about the mentor’s professional background
  • Connect with the mentor’s networks
  • Ease the transition into the world of work

You can learn more about this program during the fall semester. Active recruitment and mentor matching takes place during the spring semester. Current students can find out more about the program in the student portal.

Virginia Alumni Mentoring is a virtual community that fosters relationships between UVA alumni and students. Students reach out to alumni through our PeopleGrove platform to spark these connections.

Any UVA student can use this platform, but current and former Batten students also have a private group that allows for more personalized connections within the Batten community. Students and alumni can ask to join the private group.

Students and alumni can ask to join the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy LinkedIn Group. The group lets you:

  • Connect with other members of the Batten community
  • See job opportunities
  • Start conversations
  • Connect with supporters of the Batten School