Resumes & Interviewing

Career Preparation

A strong resume and cover letter can catch the eye of employers, while solid interview preparation builds your confidence and strengthens your position as a candidate. It’s also important to make sure you have the right resume for the industry you pursue. We can help you stand out with application advice and resources targeted to specific fields.

The Batten Career Services team’s resume and interview resources include:

  • Resume, cover letter, and application material reviews
  • Interview preparation resources
  • Mock interviews based on industry

Each industry has its own preferences and expectations for resume formatting and content. You need to know what recruiters expect before you get started.

We have resume and cover letter tips and resources geared to specific industries and organizations where Batten students excel, including:

  • Capitol Hill
  • Consulting
  • Federal jobs
  • Intelligence and security (CIA and FBI)
  • International development
  • Nonprofits and NGOs
  • Think tanks

You can find more in-depth information on resumes in the student portal.

While different industries have distinct processes for reviewing application materials and conducting interviews, it helps to get familiar with general interview formats, typical questions, and resources. We support students with interview preparation resources and mock interviews based on industry.

In the student portal, we have in-depth information about various interview formats, including:

  • Phone/screening interviews
  • Virtual/recorded interviews
  • Panel interviews
  • Group interviews
  • Off-site/on-site interviews

We also have information on various types of interviews, such as:

  • Behavioral interviews
  • Case/technical interviews
  • Specialized interviews, including background and security clearances


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Proven Success

A Batten education is in high demand across the public and private sectors. 91% of our 2020 BA and Master of Public Policy graduates secured a position within six months of graduation.