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Vice President Kamala Harris

In advance of Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to the U.S.-Mexico border, Batten professor Lucy Bassett spoke with USA Today about the significance of the trip, and the complexity of the root causes contributing to record numbers of migrants seeking asylum at the southern border.

Migrants moving north in Honduras. (Brookings)

Migration from Honduras to the U.S. has been growing for years. New research by Batten's David Leblang, director of the Global Policy Center, and Duke University's Sarah Bermeo suggests the movement is a result of persistent violence coupled with food insecurity linked to climate change. Leblang and Bermeo wrote about their findings in a blog for Brookings. 

Christine Mahoney

During UVA's annual Research Achievement Awards, Christine Mahoney, professor of public policy and politics and director of SE@UVA, was recognized for her work supporting the rights of displaced people locally, nationally and globally. Batten's John Holbein and Jay Shimshack were also acknowledged for their research contributions.