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Batten Professor Bala Mulloth and UVA Engineering Professor Gaurav Giri

In the latest installment of Batten’s expert chat series, Batten professor Bala Mulloth and Gaurav Giri, a professor in the department of chemical engineering, discussed how they’re pivoting their business venture to address the crisis.

Students in Mahoney’s J-Term class

Bestowed by AshokaU, a worldwide leader in social innovation education, the award recognizes the extraordinary impact of SE@UVA’s Changemaker Labs.

Batten Professor Bala Mulloth and UVA Engineering Professor Gaurav Giri

Batten Professor Bala Mulloth and UVA Engineering Professor Gaurav Giri have been awarded $100,000 for their work to mobilize students to learn about and help address the global air pollution crisis.


After researching how impact investment can combat poverty around the world, Batten School professor Christine Mahoney is looking to tackle issues closer to home.


In the last eight years, Social Entrepreneurship at UVA (SE@UVA), a Batten School initiative, has established itself as a leading research hub for students interested in leveraging their education to make a positive impact on society.

Join SE@UVA for the Concept stage of the E-Cup competition. Students are encouraged to come up with out-of-the-box ideas that could be translated into compelling projects.

Students at Garrett

Professor Bala Mulloth launched Developing a New Social Venture, a capstone course offered to fourth-years in Batten’s undergraduate program. Part of the suite of SE@UVA social entrepreneurship classes, the three-credit course, originally taught by Professor Mulloth to MBA students at Central European University Business School in Budapest, takes students “out of the classroom and into the marketplace.” Throughout the semester, students have the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship by building a business from the ground up. Student self-organize in teams and work with Professor Mulloth and local entrepreneurs to take their ideas from concept to launch, culminating in a final assessment of the venture’s viability.   

Please join SE@UVA for a session on sustainable approaches to tough challenges. Bala Mulloth, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, will be addressing these issues as part of the Global Leadership Forum.

Join SE@UVA as we welcome David Tolmie for our October Speaker Series event.

Batten Professor Bala Mulloth thrives in different cultures. “I was born and raised in Mumbai, studied in New York City, then worked in Budapest, Hungary, and for the past four years, I have lived in Charlottesville,” said the professor of Social Entrepreneurship.