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Nature cover

In a new paper featured on the cover of Nature, Batten’s Gabrielle Adams, Benjamin Converse and co-authors explain why people systematically overlook subtractive improvements.

In Batten professor Eileen Chou’s “Introduction to Civic Leadership” course in Newcomb Hall Theatre, spaces are roped off to ensure students sit at least six feet apart.

University photographers take a look at in-person learning on Grounds, including Batten students and professors in the classroom, during a fall semester shaped by the ongoing pandemic.

The Batten School’s approach to leadership is one of evidence-based behavioral science. We view leadership as “the capacity to integrate, motivate, and enable a group of individuals toward achieving a common goal.” As researchers and academics, we are singularly poised to help other academics understand leadership, management, and organizational behavior. Under this view of leadership, we believe that everyone has the potential to become a leader, that leaders are made rather than born, and that leadership should be taught based on scientific evidence.

In recognition that UVA School of Engineering’s core values call on engineering faculty to be leaders in their school, departments, labs and classrooms, Batten has partnered with UVA Engineering for a series of courses designed to develop engineering faculty as effective leaders.

The series includes eight courses taught by Batten faculty at a pace of one, 90-minute session per month from September 2019 through April 2020. Engineering faculty are welcome to participate in the entire series or individual courses; those who complete at least six courses will receive a record of course completion from Batten. There will be no out-of-pocket costs to faculty; registered faculty’s UVA education benefit to be applied directly to the series ($4,360 combined tuition and professional development benefit per year), which costs $250 per course or a discounted price of $1,500 for all eight courses.