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Batten professor Andy Pennock spoke with a panel of alums representing federal, state, and local government for last week’s edition of Batten’s Expert Chat Series.


Batten's John Holbein and other Political Scientists found that while the nature of politics encourages politicians to undermine negative coverage through claims of bias, ideological bias in U.S. newspapers is largely nonexistent.

Holbein with Student

The U.S. already has some of the lowest youth voting rates in the world, as illustrated in Batten professor John Holbein's recent co-authored book, “Making Young Voters: Converting Civic Attitudes Into Civic Action.” In the latest Batten Expert Chat, Holbein discussed the potential impacts coronavirus could have on youth voter turnout.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

As the novel coronavirus has spread across U.S. cities and states, so have public policies aimed at stopping the pandemic. Batten's Craig Volden and co-author Charles R. Shipan examine how some states have learned from others’ policy successes, while others simply copy their neighbors or even compete against them, and why that matters.

Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee ordered all bars, restaurants, entertainment and recreation facilities to temporarily close to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Batten’s Ray Scheppach, who served as the executive director of the National Governors Association from 1983 to 2011, on why the nation’s governors are prepared to take quick and aggressive action during a crisis and how they have exercised leadership in their states to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Craig Volden

Now that Super Tuesday is behind us, voters can look forward to another primary in the spring – this time for Congressional candidates. As a professor of public policy and politics at the Batten School and co-director of the Center for Effective Lawmaking, Craig Volden has studied what factors make for a successful candidate and drawn some conclusions about this state’s congressional delegation.

Super Tuesday Panelists

Hosted by the Batten School and Center for Politics, the panel featured Heather Caygle, a POLITICO Congress reporter; Jocelyn Kiley, the associate director of research at Pew Research Center; Rohini Kosoglu, a senior advisor to Senator Kamala Harris; Tara Setmayer, a CNN Political Commentator and ABC News Political Contributor; and Mara Suttman-Lea, a professor at Connecticut College.

Paul Ryan in the Rotunda

The former Speaker of the House joined the Batten School and Center for Politics to discuss the 2020 election, impeachment, Congress and more.

John Holbein and Student

In their new book, "Making Young Voters: Converting Civic Attitudes into Civic Action," Batten’s John Holbein and Duke University's Sunshine Hillygus explore why the United States has one of the lowest youth voter turnout rates in the world and how to address the problem.

Professor Gerry Warburg in the classroom

On Andy McLeod’s Historic Matters podcast, Batten professor Gerry Warburg explores how lessons from the past can inspire the best policymaking for what’s to come.