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Join Batten School professor Michele Claibourn for a conversation on data feminism with Lauren Klein, associate professor of English and quantitative theory and methods at Emory University, and Caitlin Wylie, assistant professor of science, technology, and society at UVA's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.


Amidst multiple crises, American lawmakers have valuable opportunities for crucial reforms. In an article for The Hill, Batten's Gerry Warburg discusses how Congress can chart a more sustainable path forward. 

How women leaders can enhance rulemaking in the Biden administration

How can the Biden-Harris team increase its odds for regulatory success? According to research from Batten’s Craig Volden and co-author Rachel Augustine Potter, the new administration can accomplish policy change by hiring women leaders and establishing supportive work environments.

The Virginia State Capitol

During this month's legislative session, Virginia could completely abolish the death penalty. In an op-ed for The Roanoke Times, Batten students Sean Bielawski (MPP '21) and Henry Frost (MBA/MPP '21) outline why the Commonwealth should set an example for the South by officially doing away with capital punishment. 

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Behavioral science research has demonstrated that power confers psychological resources on its holders that might help stave off the loneliness that can accompany isolation.


Hyper-partisanship and the politics of personal destruction are plagues of our time. So, too, is the pervasive distrust of institutions citizens have built up and looked to for generations.


How can we better prepare our leaders? Americans need to re-imagine our approach.

Morgan Falls

By combining empathy and action, we can better confront public policy issues.


In October, Congressman Bobby Scott (D-VA), discussed critical issues in Congress, including reforming our nation’s criminal justice system, improving access to a quality higher education and updating the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.


On the latest episode of a new podcast from UVA’s Deliberative Media Lab, Dean Ian Solomon joined experts in policy, history and media to discuss ongoing threats to our democratic system.