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Batten professor and health economist Sebastian Tello-Trillo

In the latest edition of Batten Expert Chats, Batten professor and health economist Sebastian Tello-Trillo discussed the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision on the healthcare law, as well as its policy implications.


Economists tell us that setting the price of a good or service depends on market forces that balance supply and demand in order to optimize output with minimal waste.


American medical care may be helpful much of the time, but rarely is it timely or convenient.

Brooke Lehmann

According to Batten's Brooke Lehmann, the need for mental health care for children and adolescents has never been higher. On UVA’s Lifetime Learning podcast, Lehmann explores the state of children’s mental health, both pre- and post-pandemic. 

Margaret Foster Riley

Batten's Margaret Foster Riley examines challenges facing coronavirus vaccine distribution during the presidential transition. 


Adam Leive, Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Economics at the Batten School, questions the effectiveness of work requirements in public assistance.


Professor Sebastian Tello-Trillo, along with a team of researchers from UVA, have discovered that the South, the U.S. region with the most HIV infections each year, also has the greatest barriers to obtaining drugs that can prevent the disease for people who rely on Affordable Care Act insurance plans.


A team of faculty that includes Batten professor Bala Mulloth have been awarded $110,000 for their proposal titled “Technology Driven Entrepreneurial Solutions to Address Healthcare Worker Protection Needs.”


Batten Professor of Public Policy Jeanine Braithwaite and PhD candidate Kamwoo Lee discuss poverty and upper respiratory infections in Senegal for the Center for Global Health's Global COVIDiaries.