Published Research

Interventions Used by Virginia's Colleges to Respond to Student Mental Health Crises

Authors: Richard Bonnie, John Monahan, Susan Davis, Christopher Flynn


This study examined interventions by colleges in 2008–2009 to respond to students during mental health crises.


Public (N=15) and private (N=25) four-year colleges and two-year community colleges (N=23) in Virginia were surveyed about academic policies governing responses to apparent mental health crises among students and how often they were invoked.

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Published Research

Should a Personality Disorder Qualify as a Mental Disease in Insanity Adjudication?

Authors: Richard Bonnie

The determinative issue in applying the insanity defense is whether the defendant experienced a legally relevant functional impairment at the time of the offense. Categorical exclusion of personality disorders from the definition of mental disease is clinically and morally arbitrary because it may lead to unfair conviction of a defendant with a personality disorder who actually experienced severe, legally relevant impairments at the time of the crime. 

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