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Local leaders like Batten's Brooke Ray say the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to a sharp increase in unemployment claims across the commonwealth and the country, is exacerbating existing problems like food insecurity, especially where systemic issues already existed.

Kimberly Jenkins Robinson

Kimberly Jenkins Robinson is a national expert who speaks domestically and internationally about educational equity, equal educational opportunity, civil rights and the federal role in education. Her scholarship has been published widely in leading journals and proposes innovative legal and policy solutions for ensuring that all children receive equal access to an excellent education.

Casteen and Davis stress the importance of resilience and kindness when trying to overcome the feelings of unsettlement caused by the disruptions of students’ daily lives.

Members of the University community, including Batten's Tim Davis, emphasize student resiliency and kindness in response to pandemic preparations.

Student James Banks

Through their organization, Black Student Leaders in Policy, James Banks (BA ’20) and Sela Carrington (BA ’21) are working to give black Batten students a sense of ownership.

Kathryn Babineau

Batten alum Kathryn Babineau (MPP ’13) is a Ph.D. student in the University of Virginia's sociology department, where she studies globalization, labor rights, and public and private regulation. Previously, she worked as a human rights investigator for the Fair Food Standards Council and as a research coordinator at National Defense University.

The winners of UVA’s inaugural Research Achievement Awards pose with President Jim Ryan, Provost Liz Magill and Vice President for Research Melur Ramasubramanian.

The inaugural Research Achievement Awards featured University leaders handing out 13 honors to UVA’s most outstanding researchers, including Batten's Daphna Bassok and Brian Williams.

Author and cultural critic Roxane Gay

The author and cultural critic, keynote speaker for UVA’s Community Martin Luther King Celebration hosted by UVA’s Division for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, the Batten School, and other partners, spoke about “the age of inelasticity” and the difficulties of creating a global community.

Bevin Etienne

Professor Etienne has extensive teaching and course development experience in the areas of sustainability, entrepreneurship, energy, and engineering design, and emphasizes the importance of capacity building in promoting sustainability and social entrepreneurship in developing countries and the role of open source in innovation and entrepreneurship.  

Paul Martin

Paul Martin is a political scientist who studies how and when political elites respond to the preferences of ordinary people. His research also examines how and when citizens become involved in the policy process.

Sophie Trawalter

I’m an Associate Professor of Public Policy and Psychology. I study phenomena related to social diversity. Specifically, I examine how people navigate intergroup contact and intergroup contexts. I am especially interested in how people develop competencies and learn to thrive in diverse spaces.