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Batten Professor Tim Davis

For the first event in Batten's digital expert chat series, Professor Tim Davis spoke about the importance of “emotional fortitude” during the current health crisis.

Casteen and Davis stress the importance of resilience and kindness when trying to overcome the feelings of unsettlement caused by the disruptions of students’ daily lives.

Members of the University community, including Batten's Tim Davis, emphasize student resiliency and kindness in response to pandemic preparations.

The Case for Regifting

Many think the move is shameful—but research from Batten's Gabrielle Adams and Harvard's Michael Norton suggests the problem is all in the regifter’s head.

The weekend-long course will take place from Saturday, Nov. 10 to Sunday, Nov. 11 at Garrett Hall, home of the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy.

Is it the “ostrich effect?” Misguided optimism? Ease of shopping during normal times? Or a distrust of government warnings?